6 Questions to Ask a Past Life Therapist

If any of the following ring true for you, there is a very strong probability you are experiencing past life memories and feelings:

1. You have this feeling or this situation that you just can’t shake. Seems like it’s been with you for-ev-er!! You’ve done inner work, maybe even therapy. You still can’t seem to shake it. Just keeps popping up.
2. you are really attracted to a period in history
3. you’re really attracted to a language
4. you just love (or hate) everything about a particular country
5. you just know how do something even though you’ve never studied it.
6. You haven’t found anything in your life that explains these feelings

If this sounds like you, then you may want to consider past life regression therapy. Past life regression therapy will help you recover past life memories, shedding light, awareness, and understanding on those feelings and situations. Ninety-five percent of healing is the awareness of what you want to heal.

How do you find these past life memories? Where you do begin? The most direct and powerful way is past life regression therapy. A well-trained and certified past life therapist will help you explore your past life memories, keeping you focused on your intention and helping you integrate the information into your daily life.

Where do you find a past-life therapist?

If you live in a metropolitan area, look for an alternative magazine. Likely spots to find them are health food and herbal/alternative medicine stores and metaphysical/new age bookstores and shops. Many past-life therapists advertise in these publications. You can also search on the Internet. Three sites I recommend are:

1. International Board of Regression Therapy: Certifies Past Life Therapists and Researchers and lists the certified Past Life Therapists by name or by state.
2. International Association for Regression Research and Therapies: is a community of past life therapists, including listings. Not all are certified.
3. International Between Lives Regression Network: lists therapists who have trained and certified in Michael Newton’s Life Between Lives therapy.

How do you narrow the field?

First, look for past life therapists who are near where you live (within a few hours). Then give them a call and interview them. A professional will understand what you are doing and why. This is true of any therapist (past life regression, life between lives, counselor, social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist). It’s crucial that you feel comfortable with the therapist, that you trust her or him. Trust your intuition, your gut feelings.

If there are no past life therapists near you, or you just don’t click with those who are, expand your search. You may need to make a short trip out of it. If the only time you have is a short (or long) weekend, see if the past life therapist can work with you in arranging that. When I have clients coming from more than two or three hours away, I e-mail a list of area hotels and restaurants on request.

6 Questions to Ask a Past Life Regression Therapist

1. How long have you been practicing past life regression therapy?
2. What is your training/background?
3. Are you certified? If so, with and by who? How long?
4. How much does a past life regression therapy session cost?
5. How long is the past life regression session?
6. How many past life regression sessions do you recommend?

Talk with them a little about what you want to explore. Keep it brief and be as specific as you can. Like you, they are probably busy people.

When you’ve set up your past life regression therapy session

1. do your best to keep your expectations under control
2. trust that you will have exactly the experience and remember exactly the past life memories you are ready to remember now
3. write down what your question or inquiry is
4. come to your past life regression therapy session with curiosity and an open heart
5. let your past life memories set you free.

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