Do you have an issue that seems like it’s been with you for your whole life? Maybe it feels like it’s been following you around?


You assumed you just had to live with it. Maybe you doubted that you’d ever find a way to clear or heal it. At the same time, there’s another, stronger part of you that says there has got to be a way to clear it and live with more freedom.


Your soul is asking you to heal this issue, for yourself and for others. In fact, it may be part of your life plan and purpose — something that began in a past life that you brought to this life to complete and resolve.

My name is Elmdea Bean and I have a gift for helping people resolve past life issues. A Certified Past Life Therapist and Researcher, I work with people of all ages and spiritual beliefs.


With a combination of past life regression and focused past life coaching, you will:



  • discover the source of your past life issue
  • heal the hurts (both those you received and those you gave) from past lives
  • discover the connections to other experiences in this life
  • deepen your journey of fulfillment in this life.


What is past life regression?


It’s a kind of healing that helps you remember your own past lives and heal the past, as well as the present and the future. I invite you to begin this process of healing your past lives and sign up for my newsletter and free e-book.

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